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The clam shell pack is a versatile solution for creating soaps. The clam shell pack is a mould and packaging all in one, simply pour your molten soap into the mould and allow to cool and set. When the soap has cooled, close the lid and the product is..
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Based on the world famous 1 million cologne by Paco Rabanne. 1 million type fragrance oil has a seductive masculine scent created by combining the freshness of blood orange with the spicy aromas of nutmeg and clove. The lingering base note is created..
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Revisit those yummy childhood memories of cupcakes and fairy bread. 100's and 1000's fragrance oil is a combination of a base made up from vanilla and sugarcane, a middle oozing with buttercream and a topping of delicious butter mixed with zesty..
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A masculine aftershave type scent to seduce your senses. 50 shades type fragrance oil combines the fresh scent of bergamot with the citrus scents of mandarin and lime. Base notes of cedar wood, leather and musk adds to the alluring appeal of the frag..
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A delicious embracing aroma of almond mixed with buttermilk. Vanilla and caramel are added to give the aroma a feeling of warmth.Top Notes: Orange Peel, ButtermilkMiddle Notes: Almond, HeliotropeBase Notes: Caramel, Vanilla BeanVanillin Content: 1%Fl..
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Highest quality standard aluminium tealight cups.Complete with a wick centre guide on the base, our aluminium tealight cups are a great versatile choice for the candle maker.Great for all container waxes, beeswax, palm, paraffin, soy and vegetable.Th..
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Cliffside lemon groves, the freshness of the ocean and dazzling coastal roads. Amalfi coast type fragrance oil encapsulates the feel of the Amalfi coastline with a combination of wild freesia, lavender and lime.Top Notes: Lime, LemonMiddle Notes..
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Beautifully designed with both the lid and the surface of the jar covered in teardrop shapes, the teardrop jar is a delightfully modern jar with a timeless elegance.This teardrop jar is finished in Amber with a matching lid.We recommend pouring at a ..
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A warm base of amber with a smooth and creamy wood scent, this fragrance will set the mood to relax and unwind with. A touch of rose and musk makes this a special fragrance you'll love to come home to.Top Notes: Fir Needle, Leaf GreenMiddle Notes: He..
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Dye chips are a simple way to add colour to your candles, just add the required amount into your molten wax and stir gently.The colour in the picture was produced by adding one dye chip per 450g of natural soy wax. To darken or lighten the colour sim..
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Notes of eucalyptus and lemon gives this fragrance oil a truly authentic scent of the Australian bush.Top Notes: Lemon, Pine NeedleMiddle Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon MyrtleBase Notes: Patchouli, SandalwoodVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 79°C..
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Calming and harmonising in nature with a rich, woody blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber.Top Notes: Bergamot, OrangeMiddle Notes: Cedar Leaf, AmberBase Notes: Sandalwood, CedarwoodVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 63°C..
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