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HTP52 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length

HTP52 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length
HTP52 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length
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Pre-tabbed and pre-waxed our premium range of HTP wicks are cotton wicks with braided paper fibres, all wicks are lead and zinc free.

HTP wicks are a self trimming wick with a slight curl as they burn, the HTP range of wicks are more suitable for use with soy wax.

Suitable for use in container candles, pillar candles and votives.

Burn Diameter: Approximately 36mm - 38mm

Please Note: The information above is intended as a guide only. Due to the many variables in candle making, personal testing is required to achieve optimal results.

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