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Fragrance Oils

Fragrances are the strongest link to memories, by adding fragrance oil to your candles you can immediately be transported back to another time or place, the memories of past events suddenly burst into life when the smell of a fragrance envelops your senses.

Fragrance oils are available in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes

Our fragrance oils are rigorously tested to ensure compatibility with a variety of waxes and to produce an amazing scent throw.

Our fragrance oils are supplied in sealed PET recyclable bottles specifically designed to protect against uv rays and keep the fragrance oil fresh. 

Revisit those yummy childhood memories of cupcakes and fairy bread. 100's and 1000's fragrance oil is a combination of a base made up from vanilla and sugarcane, a middle oozing with buttercream and a topping of delicious butter mixed with zesty orange and lemon.Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Orange Cr..
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A delicious embracing aroma of almond mixed with buttermilk. Vanilla and caramel are added to give the aroma a feeling of warmth.Top Notes: Orange Peel, ButtermilkMiddle Notes: Almond, HeliotropeBase Notes: Caramel, Vanilla BeanVanillin Content: 1%Flashpoint: 90°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 2..
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A warm base of amber with a smooth and creamy wood scent, this fragrance will set the mood to relax and unwind with. A touch of rose and musk makes this a special fragrance you'll love to come home to.Top Notes: Fir Needle, Leaf GreenMiddle Notes: Heliotrope, RoseBase Notes: Amber, SandalwoodVanilli..
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Notes of eucalyptus and lemon gives this fragrance oil a truly authentic scent of the Australian bush.Top Notes: Lemon, Pine NeedleMiddle Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon MyrtleBase Notes: Patchouli, SandalwoodVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 79°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
Ex Tax:$3.09
Calming and harmonising in nature with a rich, woody blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber.Top Notes: Bergamot, OrangeMiddle Notes: Cedar Leaf, AmberBase Notes: Sandalwood, CedarwoodVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 63°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
Ex Tax:$3.23
White cedar and cypress are combined to give this fragrance a woody tone, the addition of blue violet, freesia and ylang-ylang bring a muskiness to the oil.Top Notes: Lemon, OrangeMiddle Notes: Freesia, Ylang YlangBase Notes: Musk, CypressVanillin Content: 2.4%Flashpoint: 62°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml..
Ex Tax:$3.27
The perfect combination. The intense aroma of the lily is beautifully balanced by the soft scent of the bamboo.Top Notes: Lemon, Fir NeedleMiddle Notes: Jasmine, Lily of the ValleyBase Notes: Musk, RoseVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 62°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
Ex Tax:$3.23
A beautiful blend of French lavender, bergamot, and vanilla with a touch of clary sage.Top: Lemon, BergamotMiddle: Lavender, Clary SageBase: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, AmberVanillin Content: 6%Flashpoint: 77°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
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A seductive fragrance with heaps of musk coupled with the rich scent of bergamot which we blended with the sensual touch of anjou pear. A hint of liquorice finishes this fragrance off superbly.Top Notes: Anjou Pear, BergamotMiddle Notes: Heliotrope, LiquoriceBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, MuskVanillin Co..
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Black Rose & Oud Fragrance Oil
20% Off
A complex floral scent concocted by mixing rare resinous heartwood with rose, palm rosa, patchouli and geranium. This concoction is then added to an exotic blend of cinnamon bark, clove leaf, pepper and saffron. We further enhance the scent by adding oud wood and musk to create a rich and sensuous&n..
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This fragrance is a mixture of strawberry, orange and coconut blended with vanilla.Top Notes: Strawberry, OrangeMiddle Notes: Coconut, CloveBase Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Sugar CaneVanillin Content: 0.55%Flashpoint: 68°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
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Rich and sweet with the delightful scent of freshly whipped buttercream topped with a layer of vanilla.Top Notes: Buttermilk, Star AniseMiddle Notes: Coconut, HeliotropeBase Notes: Musk, VanillaVanillin Content: 4.75%Flashpoint: 85°CAvailable in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes..
Ex Tax:$2.77
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