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CDN12 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length

CDN12 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length
CDN12 (15mm x 3.8mm Tab) 150mm Length

Pre-tabbed and pre-waxed our premium range of CDN wicks are designed to promote a cleaner burn with a consistent capillary action, all wicks are lead and zinc free.

CDN wicks are more compatible than HTP wicks with different wax types, although this is at the expense of mushrooming and so may require a trim after each burn.

Suitable for use in container candles, pillar candles and votives.

Burn Diameter: Approximately 54mm to 56mm.

Please Note: The information above is intended as a guide only. Due to the many variables in candle making, personal testing is required to achieve optimal results.

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