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Black Round Travel Tin

Black Round Travel Tin
Black Round Travel Tin
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4oz (Single)$1.95 10
8oz (Single)$2.15 43

Functional and elegant our travel tins are seamless to give an enhanced appearance to the product.

The base is raised to help protect surfaces and the travel tin comes complete with a lid to keep your candle fresh.

Available in 4oz and 8oz sizes.

Please Note: Due to the many variables in candle making, personal testing is required to achieve optimal results.

Tin SizeHeightDiameterWeight
Tin SizeWax Qty (Unscented)Suggested WickBurn Time
4oz80gCDN14 or HTP10516 Hrs
8oz160gCDN18 or HTP12628 Hrs

Please Note: The information above is intended as a guide only.

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