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To keep up with trends our best selling section is made up of the top 10 best selling fragrance oils from the previous month, this section is updated at the end of every month.

All our fragrance oils are concentrated and made in Australia.

Our fragrance oils are rigorously tested to ensure compatibility with a variety of waxes and to produce an amazing scent throw.

Our fragrance oils are supplied in hermetically sealed recyclable PET bottles specifically designed to protect against UV rays and keep the fragrance oil fresh.

Notes of eucalyptus and lemon gives this fragrance oil a truly authentic scent of the Australian bush.Top Notes: Lemon, Pine NeedleMiddle Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon MyrtleBase Notes: Patchouli, SandalwoodVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 79°C..
Ex Tax:$2.91
A beautiful blend of French lavender, bergamot, and vanilla with a touch of clary sage.Top Notes: Lemon, BergamotMiddle Notes: Lavender, Clary SageBase Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, AmberVanillin Content: 6%Flashpoint: 77°C..
Ex Tax:$2.73
A complex floral scent concocted by mixing rare resinous heartwood with rose, palm rosa, patchouli and geranium. This concoction is then added to an exotic blend of cinnamon bark, clove leaf, pepper and saffron. We further enhance the scent by adding..
Ex Tax:$3.05
A combination of delicious strawberries and freshly ripened raspberries infused with champagne and roses makes this fragrance oil one of the all time best selling fragrance oils.Top Notes: Raspberry, Leaf GreenMiddle Notes: Champagne, Red Rose, Straw..
Ex Tax:$2.45
The aroma of freshly washed linen. This fragrance combines lemon, lime and green apple layered with jasmine, lavender and lily with a hint of musk.Top Notes: Apple, LimeMiddle Notes: Ozone, LavenderBase Notes: Musk, VioletVanillin Content: NilFlashpo..
Ex Tax:$2.50
A refreshing combination of coconut and zesty lime invigorated by verbana and vanilla. This is another fragrance oil in our range that captures the exotic laid back charm of the Caribbean.Top Notes: Lime Zest, Lemon VerbenaMiddle Notes: Coconut, Peac..
Ex Tax:$2.68
Bring back memories of days at the fairground with our fairy floss fragrance oil. A combination of strawberry, sugar cane and vanilla creates a sweet sugary scent found at any country fair.Top Notes: Strawberry, PeachMiddle Notes: Sugar Cane, Caramel..
Ex Tax:$2.41
Condensed milk and butter are blended together with vanilla and sea salt to produce a sweet salted caramel fragrance oil.Top Notes: Sea Salt, HazelnutMiddle Notes: Caramel, Candied PecanBase Notes: Tonka Bean, Condensed MilkVanillin Content: 6.5%Flas..
Ex Tax:$2.50
A best selling candle fragrance oil, very vanilla is a classic vanilla fragrance with a more intense aroma, our very vanilla is complimented with the creaminess of buttermilk.Top Notes: Aniseed, PineappleMiddle Notes: Buttermilk, CoconutBase Notes: V..
Ex Tax:$2.50
A refreshing fragrance created by blending water melon, casaba melon and lemonade, a tantalising reminder of long summer days by the pool.Top Notes: Lemon, Casaba MelonMiddle Notes: Watermelon, BlackberryBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sea BreezeVanillin C..
Ex Tax:$2.68
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